Monday, September 28, 2009

Join the Revolution

Come join us with Amivecto, Becks, and O Rios Designs for some mingling of the minds, music, and beer!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Smoke N Aces by Rafael Santiago

Shout out to my friend Raf and his amazing art work which is on display @ Bold Hype Studios. Maybe we could get him to do a show at Concrete....
To see more click here.

Happy Octoberfest.

Get your beer on (or dig in to some clevage). Can't make it to Germany, there will be plenty of places to hit up in NYC. I suggest the Sam Adams Octoberfest or the Spaten Oktobefest.


“Amivectio comes from the combination of two Latin words,” explains creative director Hector Estrada. “‘Amicus,’ which means friend or comrade, and ‘circumvectio,’ which means to assail or revolt. I put them together to simplify things and create a new term meaning ‘friends of the Revolution.”
No new jack to the game, the brain behind Amivecto, was the brain behind Triko.
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